It’s your office! We can obtain change, but I need your help.


The duties of the Circuit Clerk are essential to local government, and a responsibility I take seriously.  For too long politicians have pushed us aside and compromised our principles. My purpose is to ensure the interest of the people is always put first.  I’m not a politician.  I’m simply asking for an opportunity to serve you. Working together we can achieve positive changes in our County while maintaining the integrity of the Circuit Clerk’s office.

With a college degree in Criminal Justice, a decade working for a worldwide corporation as Safety & Environmental Manager and the common sense lessons learned from my grandparents; I have the experience and education necessary to be your Circuit Clerk.  More importantly, I have defined a plan to achieve changes in the county and ensure your interests are always put first.

  • I will account for every penny spent & work tirelessly to find ways to save tax dollars.
  • We need more accountability and better communication.  By growing communication opportunities through digital media platforms, face to face interaction, and community outreach we can achieve this.
  • I will travel to your community on a regular basis making it convenient for any needs you have to be addressed.
  • Work with Election Commissioners to ensure elections are ALWAYS fair & implemented with integrity.
  • Professional, courteous interaction. Protect residents Constitutional rights & address issues head-on!
  • Partner with our schools to continue registering Seniors to vote, & attempt to increase voter participation by engaging with underclassman. Preparing them to register in the future when they are of age.
  • Neighboring counties are implementing electronic voter rolls and court record systems. We must pursue these opportunities to make our process more efficient.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me or go to  Thank you  for this opporunity and please keep me in your prayers.  I humbly ask for your vote on August 6th in the Republican Primary.

For those that don’t know me, I’m 33 years old, a lifetime resident of Tishomingo, and was raised by my grandparents Quthel & Sara McNatt.  I’ve been married to my wife Kayla for 10 years; we are members of Tishomingo Baptist Church.  Kayla and I don’t have any children, but we became foster parents in 2017.  I earned my college degree in Criminal Justice from NEMCC.   I’ve been employed by the Gates Corporation for 9 years as the Safety & Environmental Manager.  I’m responsible for employee safety, making strategic decisions, and sustaining compliance with government agencies like OSHA, DOT, and EPA.  My beliefs are deeply rooted in constitutional conservative principles that I will not compromise.

Go vote & God Bless!

Josh McNatt

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